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We at Yash Cancer Foundation have realized that the financial burden on the cancer patient & families is tremendous. The patients have to bear the recurrent costs of investigations, USG, CT Scans, MRI, Tumor markers etc. many times during their course of treatment.

We have made an agreement with the diagnostic centres to provide these investigations at subsidized rates for poor and needy cancer patients registered under Yash Cancer Foundation.

Suraj Diagnostic Centre Shweta Path Lab
KKR Imaging & Diagnostic Centre Dayal Hospital Operation Theatre

Affiliate 1: Suraj Diagnostic Center

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Affiliate 2: Shweta Path Lab

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Affiliate 3: KKR Imaging & Diagnostic Center

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Affiliate 4: Dayal Hospital Operation Theatre

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Not only the investigations but even if the surgeries are done at government centres or low cost cancer centres the cost of treatment can also be substantially reduced

“We are thankful to all these centres for extending their helping hand and thus reducing the overall cost for cancer treatment substantially”.

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