“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”
– by Mahatma Gandhi


22th SEP, 2019
Cancer Awareness Camp was held on 22 sep 2019 at Jatauli Hailymandi,pataudi,gurgaon.


15th Jan, 2019
In liaison with Bhanot Hospital,Yash Cancer Foundation continues its drive against Cancer on World Cancer Day by educating female health workers at Urban Health Center, Basai. Our renowned specialist Dr. S. P. Bhanot educated them regarding early signs and symptoms of cancer. Bhanot Hospital has been treating cancer patients regularly both in the form of surgery, chemotherapy, pain management in cancer patients and runs a free cancer opd in association with Yash Cancer Foundation every Saturday from 10am to 2 pm


15th Jan, 2019
Yash Cancer Foundation continues its crusade to spread awareness regarding cancer in the community and celebrates January as Cervical Cancer Awareness month. We are joined by Bhanot Hospital to strive towards our fight against cancer


कैंसर से होने वाली घबराहट से बचाव के लिए चलाया जागरूकता अभियान

रिपोर्टर योगेश गुरूग्राम India Now24, 20 Jan, 2019
कैंसर से होने वाली घबराहट से बचाव के लिए चलाया जागरूकता अभियान
उत्तरायण सकारात्मकता और स्वाथ्य का प्रतिक है प्रख्यात महिला चिकित्सक ने गर्भाशय ग्रीवा के कैंसर के कारण और डर से होने वाली घबराहट से बचाव के लिए जागरूकता अभियान चलाया है जनवरी का महीना गर्भाशय ग्रीवा के कैंसर का जागरूकता का महीना है। भारत में एक अध्यन के अनुसार उन तिरपन में से एक महिला इस बीमारी का पीड़ित शिकार होगी । पेशे से चिकित्सक अनुराधा भनोट और चिकित्सक विद्या बिस्ला रक्षक के रूप में, आईआईएल विश्वविद्यालय में 15 जनवरी 2019 को छात्रों को संबोधित किया। 15 जनवरी 2019 की शाम को उन छात्राओं की उत्साहजनक संख्या देखी गई जिन्होंने इस बीमारी के बारे जाना और समझा की यह बीमारी कब और कैसे फैलती है ।चिकित्सक ने परिछन के माध्यम से इसके रोकथाम जोर दिया जिन्हें स्क्रीनिंग टेस्ट के रूप में भी जाना जाता है।Read More


भनोट अस्पताल और यश कैंसर फाउंडेशन के माध्यम से शुरु हुआ गर्भाशय ग्रीवा कैंसर से बचाव के लिए जागरुकता अभियान

रिपोर्टर योगेश गुरूग्राम India Now24, 17 Jan, 2019
कैंसर से होने वाली घबराहट से बचाव के लिए चलाया जागरूकता अभियान
उत्तरायण सकारात्मकता और स्वाथ्य का प्रतिक है प्रख्यात महिला चिकित्सक ने गर्भाशय ग्रीवा के कैंसर के कारण और डर से होने वाली घबराहट से बचाव के लिए जागरूकता अभियान चलाया है जनवरी का महीना गर्भाशय ग्रीवा के कैंसर का जागरूकता का महीना है। भारत में एक अध्यन के अनुसार उन तिरपन में से एक महिला इस बीमारी का पीड़ित शिकार होगी । पेशे से चिकित्सक अनुराधा भनोट और चिकित्सक विद्या बिस्ला रक्षक के रूप में, आईआईएल विश्वविद्यालय में 15 जनवरी 2019 को छात्रों को संबोधित किया। 15 जनवरी 2019 की शाम को उन छात्राओं की उत्साहजनक संख्या देखी गई जिन्होंने इस बीमारी के बारे जाना और समझा की यह बीमारी कब और कैसे फैलती है ।चिकित्सक ने परिछन के माध्यम से इसके रोकथाम जोर दिया जिन्हें स्क्रीनिंग टेस्ट के रूप में भी जाना जाता है। Read More


1st Aug, 2017
In liaison with Bhanot Hospital,Yash Cancer Foundation held a Cancer Awareness and checkup camp in Farrukhnagar at Jain Dharamshala. The camp was inaugrated by Councilor Neeru Sharma and was presided by eminent people like Ex Vise President of City Council Maya Sharma, Murari Lal Saini and Satish Chaudhary.
This Camp was held on 27 July 2017 which is also celebrated worldwide as Head & Neck Cancer Day.Keeping in spirit of the agenda villagers were educated about disastrous consequences of tobacco and motivated to quit the habit for a healthier future.Around 200 patients were examined during this camp.


4th Feb, 2017

Taking cue from WHO campaign “WeCanICan” and in spirit to the thought that all have the power to take various actions to reduce the impact that cancer has on individuals, families and communities, Yash Cancer Foundation takes a step forward on the occasion of World Cancer Day- 4th February 2017 to bring about a change. It is our duty as doctors, NGO, Support group to lend a helping hand to all those fighting against cancer.
We at Yash Cancer Foundation enjoy The Joy of Giving and believe that it truly adds meaning and fulfillment to our lives. Thus we take pride in announcing –
1. We are extending our Free Cancer OPD slot on Saturdays 9am to 11am at Dayal Hospital to every Saturday-All day by our team of Cancer specialists.
2. Offering Subsidised Investigations to poor cancer patients coming in OPD by our tie up with YCF affiliated diagnostic centres
3. In addition to this we are starting FREE BREAST CANCER TREATMENT for BPL patients in form of chemotherapy and surgery. For all patients requiring surgery and basic chemotherapy, we shall strive to cover 80 – 90 % of their cost of treatment. Even those requiring advanced surgery and chemotherapy we shall try our best to help them with approximately 50% – 60% of the cost of treatment. Consideration will be given to genuinely poor patients who are not in BPL category and have no or minimal support infrastructure. Also these patients will be provided with free hormonal therapy for 5 years if required

Free PAP Smear & Gynaec Ultrasound 2017

11th January, 2017

In view of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, Yash Cancer Foundation sponsored Free PAP Smear and Gynaec Ultrasound to promote awareness regarding Cervical Cancer which is not only the commonest Cancer amongst females in India but also one that can be prevented effectively by adequate screening.Before the day of Camp multiple messages were sent through Whatsapp and Email to educate people about Cervical Cancer and the need of PAP Smear on a regular basis.15 to 20 females turned up and got their Gynaec examination done. These females were also educated through audio-visual means about Cervical Cancer.

National Cancer Awareness Day 2016

7th November, 2016

Yash Cancer Foundation has taken the initiative to donate more than 300 masks to traffic personnel at Gurgaon as they are constantly exposed to the harmful effects of air pollution .YCF met Joint Commisioner Mr. Y. Puran Kumar on 7th November 2016 on the occasion National Cancer Awareness Day and donated around 350 N95 masks. Then various members of the society went to traffic posts at Jharsa Chowk and Rajiv Chowk on NH8 and personally thanked all the traffic personnel posted for their contribution to society and gifted them masks and demonstrated the correct technique to use them.

Delhi Kannada Association-Breast Cancer Awareness Talk

19th October, 2016

Dr. Anuradha from Yash Cancer Foundation was invited by Snehaa Delhi Kannada Ladies Association for a session on Breast Cancer Awareness. It turned out to be a highly interactive session. All the ladies were smart, motivated and educated. They bought forward all their doubts and queries regarding breast cancer which were answered by audiovisual means and real life anecdotes.

Breast Cancer Survivor Talk at Church of Epiphany

9th October, 2016

Yash Cancer Foundation organised a talk show with breast cancer survivors in the Church of Epiphany on 9th Oct 2016. Father Sunil Gazzan and Mr. Sushil Kaudinya were the chief guest. The highlight of the show were the 5 breast cancer patients who participated In it. All five had come from far off places to share their experiences and about their fight against breast cancer. Different messages were highlighted and conveyed with general public in an interactive session. Few patients expressed their feelings in a very emotional way. Dr. Anuradha emphasised the need for early diagnosis and treatment. The show ended with a small quiz. The survivors were presented with momentos by the chairman on Yash Cancer Foundation, Mr. T.R. Juneja on behalf of Yash Cancer Foundation for their courage and strength to fight Cancer.

They say that you learn to live only after having been close to death. We saw the statement come true through these brave females who beat Breast Cancer and are now living a normal life with an even more determination to live it fully. We salute these females and their positive attitude. A very special thanks to Father Sunil Gazzan and Maya Lal for their support towards making this event a success.


10th April, 2016
Yash Cancer Foundation was invited by Bharat Vikas Parishad to give a cancer awareness session to females in a female oriented awareness campaign held at Sidheshwar Mandir School on 10th April 2016.Females came up with their queries related to breast lump. Also one of the breast cancer survivor came forward and shared her experience with the audience.


21st March, 2016
Yash Cancer Foundation was invited by the faculty of Govt. College for Girls, Sector 14, Gurgaon on 21st March 2016, to have an interactive and informative session with approximately 200 girls regarding Cervical Cancer and guide them as to steps that can be taken to protect themselves from this deadly menace. Dr. Vidya Bisla took time to dispel any fears or misconception the girls came up with.


31st May, 2015
On the event of World No Tobacco Day 2016 (31st May 2015), Yash Cancer Foundation organized for an interactive session with boys of Govt. Senior Secondry School, Civil Lines, Gurgaon. The aim was to target young minds in an effort towards smokefree India. We were joined in our efforts by attendants of our patients suffering from lung cancer. Tobacco alone is responsible for 30% cancer related mortality from cancer


31st May, 2015
On World No Tobacco Day 2015 (31st May 2015), we held an informative session at Vidya Medical Centre followed by screening for Oral Cancer in an effort to curb the rising incidence of Tobacco and smoking in females of rural background


8th February, 2015
Yash Cancer Foundation held a Comprehensive Cancer Awareness and Screening Camp at DPS Marutikunj in collabration with Marutikunj Society and DPS School on 8th February ,2015. The Camp apart from awareness session arranged for a medical team that participated in cancer detection and screening. BSE was demonstrated and taught. Screening for female cancer was done and PAP smears taken. Oral Cancer Screening was done for all male patients and female tobacco chewers. Facilities were made for Cervical Vaccines for all those interested


18th January, 2015
Cancer detection and screening camp was held on 18th January 2015, at Namcharcha Ghar , near Rajeev Colony , Gurgaon


7th November, 2014
Yash Cancer Foundation participated and supported Goverment of Haryana’s effort to promote Cancer Awareness on National Cancer Awareness Day 2014 on 7th November 2014. Beneficiaries and Survivors helped by Yash Cancer Foundation participated in the programme by narrating their stories. Also Specialists forming the medical advisory board of YCF also participated in cancer clinic held throughout the day at GH, Gurgaon


6th October, 2014
Yash Cancer Foundation celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness month in the month of October by holding Interactive sessions with females throughout the month. On 6th October 2014 a video presentation was given at Justice Gopal Singh Charitable Hospital.

Cancer month1

12th October, 2014
On 12th October 2014 , video presentation and interactive session informing ladies about the screening protocols for breast cancer and proper technique of breast self examination was held at The Church of Epiphany at Civil Lines Gurgaon . the ladies not only actively participated , but questioned about any doubts they might have. Many women got clinical examination done at the end of the session…..

30th October, 2014
On 30th October a Breast Cancer Awareness Camp was held at Vidya Medical Centre, Gurgaon. It is always a challenge to get a hall packed with females to actually actively interact. Yash Cancer Foundation stood upto challenge and was rewarded with full attention and had to end the session with clinical breast examination of many of the females present. It was the vision of a an enigmatic woman , Mrs. Veen Eagleton, that played an integral role in the success of this session


August 2014
Yash Cancer Foundation started charitable cancer consultation and awareness OPD at Justice Gopal Singh Charitable Hospital , Mianwali colony, Gurgaon on Monday and Saturday from 9:30 am to 11am from August 2014 with an aim to extend their help to as many as possible.


May 2014
In the month of May , an active campaign through pamphlets and through their page on facebook ( was started against Tobacco use. Motivational and relevant information was circulated in an attempt to create awareness


27th April, 2014
On 27th April , 2014 a free exclusively cancer detection camp was held in an establishment of labourers in front of Shishpal Vihar. This camp was a first of its kind as it was a result of active initiation and participation of responsible people in society who believed in the cause and came forward to help. Focus was mainly on Cancer detection and educating people about the warning signs and relevance of early detection. Groups of females were taught about breast self examination and were made to then demonstrate the technique to the subsequent group , thus reinforcing the importance and proper technique in an interactive session.


1st March, 2014
From 1st March 2014 onwards , provisions were made for a charitable bed at Dayal Hospital for beneficiaries registered under Yash Cancer Foundation. This enabled us to provide them with at par facilities and care free of cost as other patients. A register was maintained keeping a record of the occupancy of the bed on day to day basis.

Charitable bed


February 2014
Consistent efforts of Yash Cancer Foundation were recognised by the Income Tax Department and all donations made to the society were made eligible for tax exemption under section 80 G in February 2014.



1st December, 2013
A Free Health Check Up and Cancer Detection Camp was held at Jai Vaishno Darbar Mandir at Garhi Harsaru on 1st December 2013. Around 150 patients came and all patients were directed to YCF desk where they were educated regarding cancer. A CD informing all villagers about warning signs of cancer was played outside the venue.Free medicines were also distributed.


October 2013
Yash Cancer Foundation celebrated Breast Cancer Month in October 2013. Pamphlets educating and informing females about symptoms were distributed in various areas of Gurgaon to create awareness. Talks and Direct interaction with females was done along with Video Presentation at Arysamaj Mandir and Geeta Bhavan. Free Breast Cancer Clinic was held at Dayal Eye and Maternity Center daily in the month of October.


8th September 2013
A Free health check and cancer detection camp was held in the village of Sahajavas on 8th September 2013 . The patient turnover was around 200 and the village is under consideration for regular camps in future on a time to time basis.


On Going Event
Some Basic Chemotherapy Medications have been purchased and regularly made available to needy patients free of cost. A YCF stock register is mainained on a regular basis. YCF Chairman Dr. T. R. Juneja giving an annual supply of Tamoxifen tablets to a breast cancer patient



On Going Event
Some really poor patients have been helped by arranging free surgeries, consultation and medicines required by them to fight their illness




Yash Cancer Foundation has collaborated with a few diagnostic centers wherein these YCF affiliated Diagnostic Centers provide various costly investigations (blood test, CT, Ultrasound) at discounted price to YCF beneficiaries. Discussion and effort is going on to rope in more diagnostic centers. (photocopy of affidavits of MUO of diagnostic centers and YCF attached )


On Going Event
Under the above arrangement YCF holds free Cancer OPDs for Cancer patients twice a week i.e. Tuesday and Friday. Any needy patient can receive consultation from experts in the field of oncology totally free. A record of these OPDs is kept in a Free OPD register maintained by YCF.


On Going Event
Yash Cancer Foundation has contacted and arranged a few specialist doctors who are ready to provide their services in the form of consultation and procedures either totally free or at discounted rates. More doctors interested in charity work are being contacted and the idea is to soon form a Medical Advisory Board dedicated to the cause.


31st May, 2013
On No Tobacco Day a talk on Tobacco and Cancer was organized in Hailey Mandi Govt. Hospital to educate rural population about the hazards of tobacco. About 70 Anganwadi workers attended the power point presentation on Tobacco and Cancer given by the YCF president, Mr. T.R. Juneja.


19th May, 2013
Free Health Camps have been conducted such as at Palam Vihar on 19th May 2013 where in services like free consultation, blood test and medicines were distributed. The camp was inaugurated at Deputy mayor Mr. Yashpal Batra. The poor cancer patients were registered under YCF beneficiary scheme and were provided YCF Beneficiary Card


On Going Event
Yash Cancer Foundation has started various awareness campaigns and pamphlets and leaflets are distributed through various sources guiding people regarding symptoms of cancer warning signs , how to prevent cancer and how to face cancer